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A Great Birthday Present

When it was time for the 10th birthday of Clay St. Dennis, his mother, veterinarian Sandy St. Dennis, suggested that instead of bringing a present to his birthday party, kids bring a donation for the homeless animals.Clay thought about this idea. Clay, like other kids today, has a lot of "things," and after a few days of something new, the newness soon wears off. Since animals have always been a part of his life, Clay agreed that helping animals would be a good thing to do.As part of Clay's birthday celebration, he and his friends took a tour of the Valley Humane Society's Adoption Center and were able to personally see how their donation would be helping the animals. Clay's mom then matched the donation of the party attendees-and thus a donation of $400 was made.The boys then completed the party celebration and didn't miss the presents. All of the boys felt great about what they had done. Clay already determined that for his 11th birthday celebration he would be doing the same thing to benefit the less fortunate animals.Thank you all so much for caring.

Cindy Ferrin, Valley Humane Society